Manzanita Wilderness Photography
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For many reasons we still use film as our primary capture media.  For the museum quality prints that we sell, we have found that film delivers the best results.  The processed film is scanned into an Imacon 848 scanner to create an electornic file.  We also use electronic images for our web/stock projects.

A. Hasselblad 500CM
B. Hasselblad 503CW
C. Horseman 45FA

A. 80mm
B. 150mm
C. 135mm Macro with bellows
D. 250mm
E. 2X

A. Kodak E100 G
B. Kodak E100 GX
C. Kodak E100 VS

Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper

Imacon 848 Scanner with FlexColor Software

Print Processor

Print Processor Epson Stylus Pro 4800 Printer

For prints larger than 16 inches, we make a LIGHT JET print from an electronic file.

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