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Licensing Manzanita Images
All of the photographs in our online catalog are available for Licensing

RESOLUTION: Our high resolution electronic files are availabe in any physical dimensions that you specify.  
The pixel dimensions of our high resolution files can be as high as 7300 pixels by 7300 pixels.  
This means that our square images can contain more than 50 Mega Pixels.
A ten inch by ten inch file could have a resolution of up to 730 ppi(pixels per inch).
A 300 ppi file could be as large as 24 inches by 24 inches.

FILE FORMATS: Our files can be formated in all of the formats supported by Adobe Photoshop CS4 (tiff, jpeg, DNG, etc.).

BIT DEPTH: Our files are available in 8 bit and 16 bit depths.

DELIVERY: Our high resolution images are available on CD-ROM or DVD  
We use UPS or Federal Express unless you request otherwise.  Rush delivery is available. (call for rates on rush delivery)
If you need the images immediately, we can FTP the images to your server

GUARANTEE: Manzanita guarantees everything we sell.  Your satisfaction is important to us.

The prices for licensing our images are based upon image size, circulation, and use rights

Our prices are competative with the industry standards defined by Photo Quote and other sosurces -- call us for a quote

Place your order by Phone or Regular Mail

Phone: (360) 983-3011

Regular Mail: 
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P. O. Box 520
Morton, Washington 98356

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