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The Manzanita Wilderness Photography online gallery contains approximately two thousand images from more than one hundred wilderness locations on five continents.  Our goal is to spread "wilderness consciousness" beyond the physical boundaries of the wilderness areas.

Allow us to take you to some of the most beautiful wilderness locations on the planet:


Antarctica is the largest wilderness area in the world.   The stark beauty of the Antarctic landscape is a mind altering experience.  Since the animals of Antarctica rarely see humans, they are not afraid of us.  The combination of the stark wilderness and easy access to the animals made this a once in a life time experience.


Pantanal National Park is the largest wet land on the Earth.  The open savannah allows for easy access to the wonderous arrary of animals in their natural state.  Our trip took place in September which is the end of the dry season.  At the end of the dry season the wet lands have shrunk, and the animals are concentrated around what water remains.  We flew to Cuiaba, and rented a car.  Access to a car allowed us the freedom to explore the Trans Pantanal Highway.   The weather was exceedingly hot, but the photographic rewards were spectacular.


Fall Foliage in Hokkaido is easily as impressive as New England in the fall, but with Hokkaido you also get volcanoes, pristine lakes, and the famous Japanese hot baths.   We toured four national parks in three weeks, and were fortunate enough to see the red crested cranes at Kushiro Marsh.


Monte Maurice and Monte Perdido are spectacular national parks in the Spanish Pyrenees.   We flew to Barcelona, and drove to the Pyrenees for two weeks of great hiking.   Sierra Nevada National Park ouside of Granada contains the highest mountain in Spain.

United States

The list below contains wilderness studies from more than eighty wilderness locations in eleven states.   The majority of the work is from my home state of California.

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